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Amtrak Train Escort

Another viable option is Medical Escort via Amtrak. The patient is accompanied by a member of our medical team in a sleeper car of an Amtrak train.

  • Medical escort via Amtrak is less expensive than air ambulance and long distance ground transportation.
  • The very nature of train travel means that the patient will travel in a relatively stress-free environment with all of the amenities of rail travel provided.
  • The medical escort assists with medications, meals, hygiene, mobility and all other care issues.

There are many patients who qualify for long distance travel aboard an Amtrak train. Two important factors help determine if this safe, enjoyable mode of transport is particularly appropriate for your loved one:

  • Time is not a prevailing concern
  • The patient's condition requires traveling while lying down.
All details and arrangements are handled by our Patient Transport Specialists.

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