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 Call 24 hours a day for Immediate Service    (800) 863-0312 or (941) 536-2002

  American Air Ambulance has received many letters from families expressing gratitude. Some of the comments we have received are paraphrased below.

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  Thank you for safely transporting our loved one home. Sam is convalescing and continues to improve everyday. It is good trained patient flight crews like you that help to make the world a better place. May God continue to bless you!

  I would highly recommend your medical escort and air ambulance company to anyone who needed your service. You have the most caring crew I have ever met. They took great care of my grandfather and my mother's flight back home safe and comfortable.

  Without the personal attention graciously and willingly provided by your medical escort staff, this emergency airlift would not have occurred so expeditiously. Thanks for your essex air ambulance.

  What more can I say? Thank you for finally bringing us all together and making it happen through your jet medical.

  The professional manner that you had was coupled with a warm concern that we both felt. Your air ambulance helped put the nightmare behind us. And, despite the cold and the snow we are both very relieved to be home.

My wife and I were impressed with your efficiency in arranging the patient escort flight, and with your empathy and understanding of our concerns for my father's welfare.

Should you come across a potential cautious patron, please feel free to have them contact me. I would want them to be reassured that they are definitely in good hands with all at your concern.

Thank you so much for your concerns and your help in transporting us to Baltimore. I really can't thank you enough for your emegency medical flight. As a parent, I think that you can understand my deep, deep gratitude. I hope you realize your job is very, very worthwhile and families like ours will be eternally grateful!!!!

Your Medical Transport Plane Service helped put the nightmare behind us. And, despite the cold and the snow we are both very relieved to be home.