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Selecting an experienced air ambulance team is of paramount importance. There are many, many aspects to consider and it is difficult if not impossible to do without proper guidance.

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Mission Statement:

American Air Ambulance provides domestic and international inter-facility medical transport of patients requiring various levels of assistance. We adapt accordingly to emergency situations concerning medical patients and always have a professional staff on hand to treat any particular medical needs. Our emergency air charters are repeatedly commended for the safety they provide and the high level of care provided to the patients by our certified medical staff.

Our mission is to provide patients and their families a choice between medically appropriate transport alternatives of varying price ranges, all of which ensure the highest standard of medical care. American Air Ambulance's main concern is to efficiently and effectively transport the patient to the desired destination. All of our effort is dedicated to a secure trip in which the patient and his or her family leaves feeling that our services were well-provided.


Scope of Care:

American Air Ambulance offers medical transport twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. We serve adult and pediatric patients, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. Taking care of our patients is our primary goal throughout the process of the air medical transport.

Specially trained aero medical transport nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and doctors provide continuous care under the direction of the Medical Director. A physical assessment is conducted both prior to and following the air ambulance flight in order to ensure that the medical service provided during the flight was adequate. Our critical care, registered nurses offer bedside care throughout the medical transport so that the patient will feel both safe and secure. The medical instruments aboard the flight are of top FAA quality and go through regular inspections so that the patients can be assured of their capabilities. Our safety standards are top notch and we diligently strive to keep them there.

Each team is individually chosen by the Medical Director based upon the patient's needs; e.g. Critical Care, Pediatric, Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, etc. The medical team chosen will adapt to the patient's particular medical or emergency needs so that he or she is as comfortable as possible aboard our air ambulance aircraft charter flight.

Feel free to call our dispatch center at any time with questions concerning American Air Ambulance's specific services or rates. We can be reached 24 hours a day. Don't hesitate to call. There are never any obligations.

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  American Air Ambulance has received many letters from families expressing gratitude. Some of the comments we have received are paraphrased below.

  The native American air ambulance crew and medical staff were friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of the native American air ambulance and the medical condition of my mother.

  My husband and I wanted to thank you and your whole staff for the caring concern that you showed us. Each time I called with a question--be it about luggage or our cat, the positive response gave me such peace of mind.

  The Medical Air transport Companies crew and medical staff were friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of the Medical Air transport Companies and the medical condition of my mother.

  As I tried to express to you on the telephone this morning, my whole family is very grateful to you and your associates for the first rate job you did yesterday. Your whole native American air ambulance team responded quickly and professionally to a very challenging assignment - quickly moving a very ill 84-year-old woman, needing constant bottled oxygen, about 600 miles. Complicating matters further at the time she was moved she was still recovering from quadruple by-pass heart surgery performed only a month before.

  I want to thank you for all that you did for me. Your Medical Air transport Companies are truly life savers and we continue to sing your praises whenever we talk about the entire incident.