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Upon landing by Medivac, the patient, family and medical crew were then transferred to the waiting ground ambulance to be escorted to the receiving Medivac  facility.


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 Call 24 hours a day for Immediate Service    (800) 863-0312 or (941) 536-2002

  American Air Ambulance has received many letters from families expressing gratitude for Medivac services. Some of the comments we have received are paraphrased below.

  I can not thank you enough for all your support, your understanding, hard work and attention to all the little details. Each time, I knew that I did not have to worry about anything because you had everything about the Medivac air ambulance under control. The flight crew and medical staff were friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of mercy air ambulance and the medical condition of my mother. They made us quite comfortable about the whole situation even though my mother was on a ventilator.

  My wife and I were impressed with your efficiency in arranging the Medivac air ambulance, and with your empathy and understanding of our concerns for my father's welfare.

  It seems hard to believe it was only a month ago that we engaged your emergency medical service services to bring my critically ill mother home from Barbados. Because she has improved so (she says just because she was able to come home!) and because the whole experience was so frightening, it seems like it was years ago. But it wasn't ... and my reflecting back on the situation, confirms my belief that everything started to look up the minute I contacted you and your staff. From the moment I first heard your reassuring words, that you could solve my transportation problems in the safe and medically appropriate way that the situation demanded, I stopped feeling panic-stricken. Hope was coming in the form of your staff.

  What more can I say? Thank you for finally bringing us all together and making it happen through your mercy air ambulance.


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