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Insurance costs, especially out-of-pocket costs, are typically one of  patient's, and family member's biggest concerns. Air ambulances can be very expensive.

However, there are several things that can be done to get the costs to an absolute minimum, while at the same time preserving the quality of the care and transportation provided.

To help reduce your costs as much as possible, and get feedback on the best type of air ambulance flight to take, as well as advice on how to handle the insurance for this flight, please click here to complete a few quick questions.If you wish we will contact you with free advice immediately.

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Upon arrival at the airport, our medical team was greeted by a ground ambulance team who escorted us to the hospital.

While in route, the medical team prepared for the patient.  Meanwhile, the flight coordinator called ahead to alert the family and hospital. 

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  American Air Ambulance has received many letters from families expressing gratitude. Some of the comments we have received are paraphrased below.

  Should you come across a potential cautious patron, please feel free to have them contact me. I would want them to be reassured that they are definitely in good hands with all at your concern.

  What more can I say? Thank you for finally bringing us all together and making it happen through your aviation life support equipment.

  Thank you so much for your concerns and your help in transporting us to Baltimore. I really can't thank you enough for your Emergency Medical Helicopters. As a parent, I think that you can understand my deep, deep gratitude. I hope you realize your job is very, very worthwhile and families like ours will be eternally grateful!!!!

  As I tried to express to you on the telephone this morning, my whole family is very grateful to you and your associates for the first rate job you did yesterday. Your whole aviation life support equipment team responded quickly and professionally to a very challenging assignment - quickly moving a very ill 84-year-old woman, needing constant bottled oxygen, about 600 miles. Complicating matters further at the time she was moved she was still recovering from quadruple by-pass heart surgery performed only a month before.

  It seems hard to believe it was only a month ago that we engaged your Emergency Medical Helicopters services to bring my critically ill mother home from Barbados. Because she has improved so (she says just because she was able to come home!) and because the whole experience was so frightening, it seems like it was years ago. But it wasn't ... and my reflecting back on the situation, confirms my belief that everything started to look up the minute I contacted you and your staff. From the moment I first heard your reassuring words, that you could solve my transportation problems in the safe and medically appropriate way that the situation demanded, I stopped feeling panic-stricken. Hope was coming in the form of your staff.


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