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In the following sections, you will find answers to the Air Care Charter questions that many of our customers ask us when scheduling an air ambulance.  If you prefer, please call now at 1-(800) 863-0312 and we will be glad to assist you.


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Initial Questions:

Are you able to move my loved one?  He needs medical attention?


What is an air ambulance?


Does my patient need an Air Care Charter?


What am I required to do for the trip?


How does the service work?


What is bedside-to-bedside service?


Does your service travel to my locations?


Financial Questions:

How much does your service cost?


Is ground transportation included in your quote?


Is your quote all-inclusive?


Does insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare pay for this service?


What form of payments does American Air Ambulance accept?


Medical Questions:

What type of medical Personnel do you provide?


What type of medical equipment and medications are on board?


Who is your medical director?


Aircraft Questions:

What is your safety record?


Is your service insured?


What type of aircraft do you use?


Are your aircraft pressurized?


Which aircraft is right for my patient?


Logistical Questions:

How many family members can travel with the patient?


How much luggage can I bring?


How far in advance do I need to schedule the trip?


When can I reach someone to discuss my needs?


My patient is not in the American.  Can you transport her?


My patient doesn't speak English.  Do you have multi-lingual personnel?


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  American Air Ambulance has received many letters from families expressing gratitude. Some of the comments we have received are paraphrased below.

  While recognizing and clearly explaining to us the risks inherent in moving any patient who is that ill, your advice was always sound and totally in agreement with what others in the medical community were advising us. Your Medical Air transport Companies team remained calm and competent throughout these past few days - days that have been very tough for us.

  I would highly recommend your Medical Air transport Companies to anyone who needed your service. You have the most caring crew I have ever met. They took great care of my grandfather and my mother's flight back home safe and comfortable.

  There were so many things that you said and did to make this possible that it would be impossible to recount them all. Thanks so much for your ambulance service.

  I am so grateful to everyone who helped us! The doctors were fantastic! After talking to the neurologists at Hopkins I now know that the doctors literally saved her life. It was very hard for me while she was in the hospital in France. It wasn't until we got to Hopkins that I started to comprehend her situation, and how your Medical Air transport Companies helped.

  As I tried to express to you on the telephone this morning, my whole family is very grateful to you and your associates for the first rate job you did yesterday. Your whole ambulance service team responded quickly and professionally to a very challenging assignment - quickly moving a very ill 84-year-old woman, needing constant bottled oxygen, about 600 miles. Complicating matters further at the time she was moved she was still recovering from quadruple by-pass heart surgery performed only a month before.


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